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Cosmetic Fillings

Worlds best simplified procedure which involves to fix teeth by taking support of adjacent teeth minimal reduction of your present surfaces of tooth which gives support to (replacement) tooth spaces filled by artificial teeth.

World current (multiple) researches shows: Silver fillings increases mercury toxicity in blood which further causes irreversible damage to brain cells. Also these fillings are having ugly look. So that's why these are replaced by Tooth Colour Cosmetic fillings.

A filling is something that most people will have undergone at some point in their lives. They are a form of treatment for tooth decay or to restore a damaged tooth. The most popular type of filling is the silver amalgam filling. A filling is the name of a dental procedure in which a material such as silver amalgam or a composite (white) filling is used to treat a decayed tooth. This material is inserted into the tooth where it then prevents the further spread of decay or repairs any damage. This treatment stops the decay from spreading into the root where it will cause a serious infection, e.g. an abscess. This also removes the need for a tooth extraction.

Fixed Cosmetic Bridge

Many people lose teeth to decay, injury, gum disease, and wear. When that happens, the teeth that are lost should be replaced as soon as possible. Missing teeth can have negative health consequences, and gaps in the teeth can affect the aesthetic appearance of the smile. Fixed porcelain bridges are a popular treatment option for replacing missing teeth.

Light Cure Fillings

This is worlds latest & fast laser filling system in which dental caries is removed by painless Air abrasion system & filled by best ceramic tooth colour filling materials.