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Robotic Laser Microscopic RCT

Branch of dentistry dealing with painless laser root canal treatment with this high tech devices. Root canal treatment, also known as endodontics, is a dental procedure designed to treat infection or irreversible inflammation of the nerve or pulp of a tooth. This may be caused by deep decay, a fracture of the tooth, or severe periodontal disease. This purpose of this procedure is to save the tooth and prevent the spread of infection. A root canal treatment involves removing the inflamed or infected pulp from the tooth, before cleaning the root canal of all bacteria. After the bacteria have been removed, the root canal and pulp are filled using a rubber filling before being sealed to prevent further bacteria entering.

Cleaning and shaping your root canals

First, we make an opening in your tooth and removes any filling and decay. Then we removes unhealthy pulp with tiny, Flexible files. Using delicate, up-and-down motions, we gently clean and smooth your canals to prepare them for the canal-filling materials.

Filling your root canals

After the pulp has been removed from your root canals and they have been smoothed, your root canals will be filled. We may fill the canals with tiny cone-shaped pieces of gutta-percha, a firm, rubber like material, or use another dental material. A sealer-cement is used to seal the filling material into place.

Restoring your tooth

After the inside of your tooth has been treated, the outside will be restored. To protect your tooth's underlying structures and give your tooth a healthy appearance, and if your tooth needs extra support, we may remove some gutta-percha and insert a post before the filling and crown are applied.

After your root canal therapy, take care of your treated tooth the same way you would your other tooth. Brush every meal, and floss before going to bed. Also have regular dental checkups, cleaning, and any other dental work you may need so your teeth last as long as you do!

  • • A post, stainless steel or a tooth-colored dental material, may be used to fill the opening in the top of your tooth.
  • • A filling, usually silver or a tooth-colored dental material, may be used to fill the opening in the top of your tooth.
  • • A crown, usually gold or porcelain, may be used to cover a tooth that has large opening after root canal therapy.